Experience a Pirate Birthday Party Near Toronto... Where Sometimes the Kids are Adults!


Lots of birthday companies have pirate birthday party ideas. But outside of Toronto, this pirate birthday party isn't an idea... it's the real thing!

On this adventure groups don't just play pirate... they come dressed as pirates! These pirates, journey in a ship with other thieves at sea. With their map, each team searches for the clues to the buried treasure. And to the most clever, goes the chest of gold, awaiting at the end.

This birthday pirate adventure was designed for kids and men! It takes place on the Grand River, one hour west of Toronto. Each team gets a ship (a large self bailing raft), there is a chest with a map and tools, and a pilot-mate for hire. The only rule... everyone must come dressed as a pirate. The adventure can be played in one raft or competing rafts.

Once on the water, the team cracks open the chest, reads the lost letter and reviews the clues. There is an inventory of the tools, strategies are planned and a "haggling" of booty-share with the pilot-mate for their services. Once done, the anchor is lifted and the crew heads out to sea.

A little ways down, the sounding of the shore gong is required for the pilot-mate to go further. In competition, a leading team can easily become the last team until the gong is found and sounded. From here, the clues are sought out, found and plugged into the map. It eventually comes to the attention of the crew, that the pilot-mate seems to know everything. This makes him the "go-to-hero" in the boat... but for his answer, there is a percentage of the booty.

Once all the clues are plugged into the map, the crew can paddle directly to the location. Upon arrival, the team faces a new challenge. They must use a compass and chain to locate the buried treasure. Coincidentally the pilot-guide turns out to be an amazing instructor on compassing and chaining... a lost pirate art!

By compassing, chaining and solving a riddle, the crew arrives at the location of the treasure. The location turns into an absolute mystery to everyone, except for the smiling pilot-mate, who by now has probably accumulated 90% shares in the booty! At the discovery of the treasure, there is absolute delight as to what it contains... and with every good pirate hunt, everything is shared.

This pirate quest takes about four hours to play. It is for youth 8 years and up. Although this treasure quest was designed for kids, adults have become the major players. Child or adult, it seems that when the imagination is played out... simple events become an amazing adventure. Just like the real thing!

For further information about a pirate birthday party on the Grand River near Paris visit 'The Pirate Adventure".

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